Natural History Exploration of Streatham Common

Embrace Cooperation Ltd’s first environmental project was a Heritage Lottery Fund grant funded community project promoting Streatham Common. The project highlighted the history, environmental importance & recreational significance of the Common as a natural heritage site. The project started in January 2008, ran for a year and a half and finished with a multimedia exhibition of photos, video, booklet and newsletters created by project participants. The project aims included creating long-term participation of the local communities in the conservation of the Common and involving groups who normally do not take an active part in the area in practical events.

Streatham Common

Project activities included:

  • Wildlife ID walks & surveys
  • Oral history interviews with Streatham local’s
  • History research
  • Digital photography workshops
  • Trips to other parks in London
  • Video film making / editing workshops
  • Practical environmental conservation

Learning how to fell a small tree

The project ran various including events for local schools including wildflower surveys, insect surveys and wildlife pond design sessions both on the common and at schools.

The project had over 300 participants including over 100 secondary school pupils taking part in the project sessions. New environmental projects are being developed with local community groups, local schools and their pupils/members are taking a active part in the development of the projects.

Volunteers enjoying a day of practical conservation on Streatham Common, Lambeth, London

Embrace Cooperation Ltd would welcome to hear from other schools, environmental groups, friends of groups, MAC committees, youth groups or community groups who would be interested in developing new projects with us.

Project myspace page

Project Blog website

Download Streatham Common project booklet: EMBRACE YOUR ENVIRONMENT

Streatham Common Project video “Green Spaces”


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