This 3-month Embrace Cooperation Ltd project was based in Lesnes Abbey Wood and the project involved 8 FREE public and 6 tailor-made (for young people) events. This project was funded by Big Lottery Community Wildlife grant and started October 2010.

Big Lottery Community Wildlife Website:

Events open to the public

1pm to 4pm Saturday 30th October 2010 Nature Photography Walk

1pm to 4pm Saturday 6th November 2010 Glade Clearing / Protection of Moss Species

Click here for info on importance of woodland glades

1pm to 4pm Saturday 13th November 2010 Fungi ID Walk

1pm to 4pm Friday 26th November 2010 Nature Photography Walk

1pm to 4pm Saturday 4th December 2010 Tree Coppicing

Tree coppicing postponed to Saturday 11th December (due to bad weather conditions)

Click here for info on coppicing

1pm to 4pm Saturday 18th December 2010 Traditional Wooden Fence Making

Traditional fence making moved to Saturday 8th Januray due to weather conditions

Click here to see photos from last years fence making event

1pm to 4pm Saturday 15th January 2011 Traditional Wooden Fence Repair

Click here for info on the traditional wooden fencing in Lesnes Abbey Wood

1pm to 4pm Saturday 29th January 2011 Glade Clearing

The project will also ran 6 FREE tailor-made events for young people were run with local youth organizations &/or schools and were run at suitable times/dates for the participating groups.

For more information, book on place on a future project events or organization an tailor-made events for your school &/or youth organization please contact:


Tel: +044(0) – 020 727 49450 or +044(0) – 079846 629 96

Information from Lesnes Abbey Conservation Volunteers Website

Click here for Lesnes Abbey Wood Site Information

Click here for Lesnes Abbey Wood Location


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Project Poster

Photos from photography walk 30th October 2010

Photos by Embrace volunteer Harriet Yates-Smith

Photos from Fungi Foray 13th November

Photos by Embrace volunteer Isabel Sánchez de Ibargüen

Photos from photography walk 26th November 2010

Photos by photography walk participant Catherine Murphy

Photography Competition with Eltham Hill Technology College for Girls

Day 1

Winning photos by Dominika, Kimalie, Toria & Alba

Day 2

Winning photos by Indigo, Hanah, Sugita & Mercy



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