For more information and project updates please visit Brayards Estate TRA project website page:

Over a period of 1 year this Brayards Estate TRA  project shall run a series of FREE workshops focusing on four different areas: Nature / Forest School, Gardening, Drama / Film-making & Photography.
20 FREE Nature / Forest School sessions shall be focused at younger children & will involve them learning about wildlife and creating items such as bird feeders, bug hotels, natural perfumes & shampoos.These sessions shall teach these urban young people about the nature around them, what they can do to protect it and to be more sustainable (recycling materials etc).

20 FREE Gardening sessions shall be aimed mainly at younger people but older people can also attend to learn skills. Through these sessions participants shall learn how to grow organic fruit and veg, maintain estate green spaces & learn to cook healthy meals from what they grow at the estate allotment.

10 FREE Drama / film-making workshops shall work with young people and adults to develop their own short films. Participants shall learn the skills through developing their ideas, scripting, casting, filming, editing and promoting the film online.

20 FREE Photography workshops shall work with young people and adults looking at a wide range of photography techniques and creating online portfolios of their work.

This project is funded by Southwark Council Joint security initiative (JSI) grant of £10,881. With additional support from BETRA partner Embrace Cooperation Ltd of a environmental education tutor supporting gardening & nature / forest school sessions until June 2015 funded by City Bridge Trust.

For more details or to book a place please contact

Brayards Estate TRA                           or                 John Cannell

Phone: 0207 635 5625                                            Phone:  07984662996

Email:                                    Email:

We are in the process of scheduling all times & dates of workshop sessions. Updates shall be added as soon as they are available.

Nature / Forest School

Most nature and forest school workshops shall be run on Saturday afternoons at Brayards Estate and Kirkwood Nature Reserve. These activities are aimed at children 3 to 12 years old and we also encourage parents to come along.


Most Gardening workshops shall be run on Saturday afternoons at Brayards Estates mainly in allotment garden. These activities are mainly aimed at children but all ages are encourage to come along and take part.

Gardening & nature / forest school sessions shall start Saturday 24th January 2015

Activities shall run fortnightly on Saturday Afternoons  2pm to 5pm, until May when sessions shall become weekly.

Plus additional activities may be run during school holidays.

Drama / Film-making

We are in the process of designing and scheduling drama / film-making workshops which are likely to be run in the summer months.


Most photography workshops shall be run on Saturday afternoons at Brayards Estate.

Young people are welcome to take part in photography sessions but we do require a responsible adult to attend with children under 16 years old on these sessions.

People attending workshops shall need to bring a digital camera, a basic camera can be lent if advance notice is given but these cameras are not suitable for advanced workshops such as night photography & light painting.

If people book on a free photography workshop and do not turn up without a good reason we shall give their place on future workshops to someone else.


About John Nature Vibezzz

Project Manager

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