12:30pm – 2:30pm Saturday 13th April 2013

Capital Clean Up event run by Brixton based Embrace Social Enterprises Ltd.

We shall be mending a wooden fence, cutting back shrubs & planting trees / shrubs.

There shall be FREE food & drink for volunteers & everyone is welcome to come along.

Wyck Gardens Photo

1. Plant up gaps in hedgerow around Ebony Horse club paddock. The hedge is part of longer term planning to keep inquisitive dogs at a safer distance. Ebony Horse Club is a charity that helps improve the life skills, education and aspirations of disadvantaged children and young people growing up in Brixton, South London, by providing access to horse riding, outdoor activities and mentoring. Ebony uses access to horses and riding to teach five key social skills: punctuality, regular attendance, commitment to improvement, team work and exam preparation.

2. Mend fence in front of the Ebony Horse Club. The fence will help to keep riders and horses safe from inquisitive dogs.

3. Plant wildlife trees to create a small corpse area and litter pick the area. This will help to increase the biodiversity of Wyck Gardens and help make the area more attractive to local and therefore encourage more regular use of the site by the local population.

Google map of Wyck Gardens: http://goo.gl/maps/buaUX

Contact john.c@myembrace for more details


About John Nature Vibezzz

Project Manager

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