On Friday 5th October Embrace helped organise and run a corporate volunteer day for employees from Deloitee.

The Deloitee volunteers where contacted through Charity Community Service Volunteers (CSV) http://www.csv.org.uk/ who also helped organise everything for the volunteers for the day.

Working with community partner organisations New Leaf http://www.new-leaf.org.uk/ and Friends of Belair Park volunteers http://www.belairpark.org.uk/ , Embrace staff helped co-ordinate the days activities.

The volunteers did lots of great work at both New Leaf project site and at Belair Park nature trail. Making steps, planting bulbs, pruning trees & shrubs, widening nature trails, picking up litter and weeding invasive plant species. All of which we be a great benefit to both sites, local wildlife and the public who use Belair Park.

Lots more information can be seen about the day in this Friends of Belair Park Newsletter

Friends of Belair Park Newsletter 51. October 8, 2012

Photos from the day

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