Renewable Energy Specialists (The SOLARTEUR®)

The Renewable Energy Specialists project will train, test, qualify, and accredit VET teacher trainers, crafts professionals with relevant vocational experience. We aim to equip people with the skills to teach/ train and to carry out skilled work in the renewable energy sector. We give out 20 training grants each worth up to €5,000 for 21 or 30 days training. The grant covers: preparatory training in the UK (up to 1 week), flight expenses, local travel in Germany, food & accommodation for 21 days, full cost of the training programme. Provisional time period is 5th to 25th April 2010.

The training includes:

1) Principles of heating and electrical engineering within renewables

2) Ecological-marketing

3) Specialisation 1 Solar Hot Water

4) Specialisation 2 Solar PV

5) Optional module 3 biomass/ wind or heat pump technology

6) Software and simulation programmes

For further information and to take part in the training visit


About John Nature Vibezzz

Project Manager

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